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Very often, homebuyers or those involved in the management of condominium or administrative tasks wonder how to choose the right mailboxes. Indeed, there are a number of factors that are fundamental to assessing and understanding the most functional choice.

Picking one mailbox over another is not easy, as the selection process takes into account aspects such as the context in which it is to be placed, the housing itself, the size and – of course – the aesthetics.

We are talking about an indispensable tool for receiving correspondence but also a significant decorative element. For this reason, the purchase requirements must simultaneously meet functionality and taste.

In this article, we would like to provide you with some factors to take into account in order to meet all your practical and aesthetic needs when purchasing a very important accessory for your home or business. Happy reading!

Needs and purposes in choosing mailboxes

If you are looking for a mailbox to meet a practical need – as receiving mail is – there are a few basics to consider. The first parameter undoubtedly depends on the living or working context in which the mail drop is to be placed. According to the location, the selection shall be oriented towards an indoor or outdoor variety, for apartment blocks or individual solutions or even for the sole purpose of receiving advertisements and magazines. Thus, always consider the space you have available. Secondly and especially for companies, the volume of mail received is taken into account in order to assess the size of your mailbox.

The design aspect is also inevitably linked to the type of accommodation in which the letterboxes are to be placed. In condominiums, for example, the design should reflect what the property owners’ association has voted for, in line with the style of the interior. Alternatively, if you need a solution for a free-standing house, there are more possibilities to meet your needs in terms of taste. This leads to evaluating the design, size, installation location and even the materials and colours.

Condominium mailboxes: the importance of continuity

The choice of communal mailboxes is one that very often has to meet several tastes and various needs. In order to choose the best structure, focus must be on the style you prefer, taking into account the shape and size of the product. To this end, for mailboxes in condominiums, it is necessary to look closely at the type of condominium and its history (is it a classical or a modern building?) along with the common passageways, such as the entrance. The space available will also allow you to make a choice regarding the direction of the communal mailbox, which can be vertical or horizontal, but also on where to position it. The topic of customisation is also a particularly recurring aspect to be taken into account.

If you are looking for a solution for your apartment building, Ravasi mailboxes offer a broad choice of models and sizes, impeccable workmanship using the best materials on the market and an excellent result. Seeing is believing, right?

Outdoor mailboxes – trust in Ravasi’s experience

Even if you are looking for outdoor mailboxes, Ravasi has a tailor-made solution for all your needs. Indeed, our proposals are designed and manufactured with particular attention to the materials and operating mechanics imposed by the installation. Outdoor mailboxes must be specifically designed for outdoor environments, taking into account the space provided and considering exposure to the elements. Not to be forgotten, of course, is the possibility of optimising functions with personalised nameplates or intercoms. Weatherproof, rustproof and 100% recyclable outdoor mailboxes, available in all RAL colours.

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