Message boards
in aluminium


The Ravasi notice board line is made of top quality materials such as extruded aluminium profiles of our exclusive design with chromium-plated ABS vertices. The doors are made of German-made shockproof cast Plexiglas with a 2000 combination security cylinder lock. The bottom is made of plastic-coated steel sheet to allow sheets to be affixed by means of magnets, thus avoiding dangerous drawing pins. A very important feature of Ravasi notice boards is their construction with completely rounded edges and vertices in compliance with the latest accident prevention regulations. They are manufactured in standard oxilver finish and in all the colours of the RAL table.

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Technical characteristics

  • Anodised extruded aluminium frame with rounded corners and chrome-plated abs edges.
  • Plexiglass door thickness 3 mm (mod. 1, A, B) and 5 mm (mod. C, D).
    Security cylinder lock with 2 keys, hinged doors (mod. 1, A, B, C) sliding doors (mod. D).
  • Black plastic-coated sheet metal bottom for posting by means of magnets (included).
  • Standard finishes in oxilver profiles, black plastic-coated sheet metal bottom.
  • Extra finishes in RAL-coloured lacquered profiles.

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