Outdoor mailbox
Mod. EXV – Mod. EX35V

Outdoor mailbox

In particular architectural situations where it is necessary to find a vertical solution for the mail drop, Ravasi offers its V Series models in 2 different sizes to satisfy all design variables.
Available with and without slot protection, they stand out thanks to the linearity of the design, without sacrificing the safety and reliability of the entire Ravasi exterior line.

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Technical characteristics

  • Multi-layer phenolic marine plywood structure.
  • Extruded aluminium door, vandal-proof name-holder and security lock with 2 keys.
  • Edges, profiles, finishes and casing in thick aluminium.

Version 0
Wall recessed with a flat cover profile h. 3 cm.

Version 0-BT
Wall-recessed with round cover profile h. 3 cm.

Version 1
Wall-recessed with flat cover profile h. 3 cm plus rain cover.

Version 2
Aluminium cladding, wall installation in fences, recessed in door or window frames or free-standing on posts.

Version 3
Aluminium cover, wall installation, in fences, recessed in door or window frames or free-standing with posts.

Version 4/5
Insertion in modular aluminium box with rounded corners, mounting on the wall, in fences, recessed in door or window frames or free-standing with posts.

Epoxy powder-coated steel supports are characterised by their solidity and simple design, being dimensioned according to the mail drops to be supported.

EX Post

Round tubular post ø 200 mm.
Base ø 330 mm with 3 fastening holes.

Square tube support

Rectangular tube support with a profile of
80×40 mm with a base of 180×120 mm
Can only be made vertically or perimeteral to the mail drops.

Ravasi mailbox units can be completed with a wide range of accessories according to their specific design and surroundings.

In order to collect advertising and prevent it from being scattered around the entrance, integrated junk mail receptacles are available in single, double or triple the size of standard boxes, harmoniously integrated into the design of the mailboxes themselves.

Shelves are available on request to be added to the pedestals created with aluminium profiles bearing rounded vertices and edges. A practical accessory that further enhances the mail drop area.

A further aesthetic choice offered by Ravasi is lettering engraved in a font of your choice and with a finish that stands out on the mail drop, elegantly integrating with and personalising the collection point.

An exclusive solution factoring in image and modernity is achieved with the inscriptions that Ravasi produces on aluminium panels, with characters of your choice, perforated and backlit, all to create impressive results.

Elegantly integrated into the design of the mail drop, these noticeboards have a magnetised base for posting signs plus a lockable transparent Plexiglas door. A useful and functional accessory.

An important option is the possibility of adding a personal digital video door-phone panel through which to communicate the brand and characteristics. A dedicated housing can be created with a suitably perforated aluminium panel.

In order to extend the function of the mail drop, Ravasi offers its analogue intercom panels compatible with all commercial systems and with dimensions modular to the mailboxes. This intelligent solution customises the mail drop area and renders it more exclusive.

A precise Technical Department is always available for customers to examine their needs and study their projects.
After an initial consultation in which the required functions and main priorities are established, a site inspection is carried out to verify that the dimensions of the possible items are consistent with the dimensions of the spaces intended to house them.

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Since 1957, Ravasi has been producing a wide range of handcrafted mailboxes, ensuring maximum quality and wide choice, including customised solutions. The company produces indoor mailbox e outdoor mailbox, lockers modular, storage compartments o l'innovativa soluzione Power Station) boxes for banks, Nameplate holders e Noticeboards.

In the world of mailboxes and condominium mailboxes, the proposals and possible combinations are numerous and range from wooden mailboxes or other materials single mailboxes or modular mailboxes. Discover the catalogue.

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