Protective droplet shield screens and floor partitions

Protective droplet

Discover the solutions offered by Ravasi and dedicated to all offices, companies and commercial activities that seek to ensure a safe reopening in full compliance with current health regulations. Our barriers are made of Plexiglas, a material characterised by better light transmittance than polycarbonate and much more luminous.

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Technical characteristics

  • The panels suitable for counters and desks, supported by a structure with an aluminium profile (3 cm x 3 cm) acting as a guide for the panels, with seals and blind visible parts.
  • The Plexiglas screen is available in 3 mm or 5 mm thicknesses depending on the size of the screen.
  • The droplet shield screens can be fastened with an aluminium hook with clamp for tables and desks up to 4.5 cm thick or else with aluminium support plates made for fastening with screws.

Free-standing partition walls

Walls to be placed on the floor, ideal for separating various workstations or for safely demarcating customer areas. The Walls are supported by an aluminium profile structure (3 cm x 3 cm) acting as a guide for the panels, with gaskets and blind visible parts.

Free-standing partition walls can be fastened to the floor with aluminium support plates or be fitted with wheels to facilitate movement and thus the flexibility of the solution.

Available finishes

We offer different finishes to ensure safe solutions that can best suit your environment.

The support structures have a standard oxy-silver finish or, on request, we can powder-coat in all RAL colours.

The screens are made of transparent Plexiglas. On request and only for certain quantities, they are available in other colour variants such as opal, sandblasted, frosted, coloured or in glass.

A precise Technical Department is always available for customers to examine their needs and study their projects.
After an initial consultation in which the required functions and main priorities are established, a site inspection is carried out to verify that the dimensions of the possible items are consistent with the dimensions of the spaces intended to house them.

Tailor-made projects

The in-house Technical Department and Chat service serve to find the right solution in real time, including with customised solutions.

Bespoke projects

Special productions

Discover the projects we have realised for the most important companies in the market.

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