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A2A S.p.A. is a local multi-utility, operating in the production, distribution and sale of electricity, gas, environmental and energy efficiency services, electric mobility and smart cities.

Incorporated on 1st January 2008 following the merger of AEM S.p.A., ASM S.p.A. and AMSA (which took place through the merger by incorporation of ASM and AMSA into AEM), it is part of the evolving context of the Italian multi-service company sector which, in view of the progressive opening to competition, has kicked off a process of consolidation that is heading towards the formation of a small number of larger operators. The company is listed in the FTSE MIB index of the Milan Stock Exchange.

Project Location
Brescia site.

Customer Request
Resolve the issue of distributing mail to over 40 internal offices. Currently, users physically enter the in-house post office by requesting the postal workers to deliver their mail, which is then distributed on a spot basis, creating a continuous coming and going throughout the office.

Ravasi’s Solution

We solved the problem by separating a section of the office with a container cabinet that can be used on two sides, where mail is loaded from inside the office and users, who access from a separate entrance, collect their items from the opposite side, where there is also a box to hold outgoing mail, all without interfering with the postal activities. What’s new is the installation of combination locks to allow access to multiple users in the same office without having to manage keys.

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