ARCHIMI_studio was established in Milan in 2008 from the collaboration between architects Marco Cerri, Francesco Moglia, Maria Grazia Orsolini and Andrea Silva with Barbara Beraldo, as a result of various professional experiences developed over the years, which have allowed them to increase and further their design and urban planning skills through the implementation of significant projects in the city of Milan, in the Milanese hinterland and throughout Italy.
The firm currently consists of five partners and eight collaborating architects.

Project Location
Milan, Brera district.

Customer Request
Create a special mailbox to match a whole range of other architectural contexts in the newly-renovated building.

Ravasi’s Solution

As a variant of its PV model, Ravasi produced a mailbox that faithfully reproduces the design entrusted to us, completing the construction with a laser-cut satin-finished stainless-steel panel.

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