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Mercedes-Benz is the brand of the new Daimler AG together with Maybach, McLaren (until 2009) and Smart.
Mercedes-Benz vehicles are world-famous and easily distinguished by the emblem on the bonnet, which represents the three-pointed star, the hallmark of Daimler, surrounded by the laurel wreath of Benz and the words Mercedes-Benz on the outer crown. Incidentally, the name in question had already been used in 1924 for the creation of the first joint sales network between the two companies. The origin of this star comes from a card on which Gottlieb Daimler had drawn a 3-pointed star representing the capacity of his engine for land, air and sea.

Project Location
New Italian Headquarters, Rome.

Customer Request
Supply boxes for internal mail distribution.

Ravasi’s Solution

Supply of mailboxes for internal distribution in optical white colour and opal Plexiglas doors with visual indicators at the base.

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