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The firm is structured in such a way so as to be able to guarantee maximum availability and competence in all areas of condominium administration, from insurance claims, requests for repairs and maintenance work, preparation of tender specifications and the supervision of works.
In addition, the firm collaborates with technicians and tradespeople in every line of work, being able to send its technicians immediately for urgent cases or within 24 hours of the request for ordinary building repairs.

Project Location

Customer Request
Replacement of 1970s mailboxes.

Ravasi’s Solution

Ravasi supplied and installed modern mailboxes to replace existing ones, which had also been supplied by Ravasi in the 1970s. With regulations having changed, Ravasi placed modern mailboxes in place of the existing ones inside the foyers, with insertion from the outside of the entrance and extraction from inside, a solution that prevents strangers and ill-intentioned persons from entering private areas.

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