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Noticeboards and bulletin boards are as simple as they are functional in our homes but also in many businesses, with the purpose of providing useful communications or information. In fact, we see them quote often, installed at the entrance of a block of flats, by the door of a shop or pharmacy but also in offices, to present communications or leaflets.

It is not so easy to choose the noticeboard that best matches the style of the space that is to house the board. The selection must always be made in consideration of aesthetic continuity within the context. A unique product that must be able to combine functionality and style at the same time.

And it is precisely for this reason that our noticeboards and mail drops are made with refined solutions, attention to detail and a coordinated design thanks to constant research and development that has enabled our brand to evolve and expand the range of products offered, strengthening the company’s role as a market leader in quality mail solutions.

Let’s look at the types of noticeboards in our range of offers. Each item in the Ravasi ranges represents a unique product made with the utmost care and co-ordinated with our other products to allow for combined and customised production.

Noticeboards for every need

What is the objective of a high-quality noticeboard? Obviously, equipping the entrance of a building or shop with architectural elements that can enhance yet also fulfil their function. For this reason, our catalogue includes noticeboards capable of responding to every need, to safeguard and showcase any type of notice. Versions for indoors and outdoors, even with lighting for the most diverse uses – a unique way of resolving the need to display any kind of communication with clarity and elegance.

Our innovative products comply with the latest standards thanks to their construction with fully-rounded edges and struts, available for different lines and spaces, from the Classic Line to the Bulletin Boards, passing through the Pharmacy Noticeboards and the Key-holder Boards.

Apartment building noticeboards – all the class of wood

Can a condominium message board embellish the entrance of the area in which it is installed? Obviously, yes, if we are talking about Ravasi’s Classic Line, which features high-quality designs in aluminium or solid wood. Made for the mailbox line of the same name, these elegant wooden message boards are designed with the utmost attention to detail, thus finding their best positioning in classic and particularly prestigious settings such as period buildings and stylish constructions. We also recommend our boards for posters in museums, churches and municipal buildings. With their sinuous form, they can be made in three well-proportioned sizes, holding from 2 to 9 A4-size sheets.

Noticeboards for pharmacies: Ravasi designs functionality

Our line of noticeboards is made of top-quality materials such as extruded aluminium profiles with chrome-plated ABS struts. What makes these a truly valuable product is their German-made, shockproof cast Plexiglas cover with a 2000 combination security cylinder lock, along with a base made of plastic-coated steel sheeting to allow the panels to be affixed by means of magnets, thus avoiding the need for dangerous drawing pins. Obviously, depending on the context for display, you can find our bulletin boards in all colours of the RAL table.

These are complemented by our pharmacy notice boards, custom-made in two sizes (A4 and A3) for displaying the list of Pharmacies on Duty outside the affiliated locations. These practical and reliable products allow the communications to be stored protected from the weather and vandalism, being highlighted with the illumination of a low-energy bulb.

Key-holder boards: convenience and practicality

Rounding out our valuable product range are the convenient key-holder boards, specially designed for storing and cataloguing keys. If you are looking for the key-management system that suits you best, you can choose between two capacity sizes with 33 or 75 hooks. Each product can be made to measure with hinged, sliding or bottom-hinged closures with gas springs. Steel supports and posts can be added to ensure a comfortable and practical item.

If you are interested in purchasing a noticeboard for your apartment building or business, come and discover all our custom-made products on our website. You can consult all the data sheets at your disposal for a safe and quality investment.

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