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Zètema is the capital’s instrumental company operating in the sector of Culture. Its core business is the management of cultural and tourist activities and services, as well as the organisation of events. The design, maintenance, conservation and cataloguing activities on behalf of the Municipal Superintendency, the management of the Civic Museum Network, as well as various city spaces dedicated to entertainment, culture and tourist reception, are today entrusted to the expertise of Zètema, which has been operating in this sector since 1998.

The increasing quality of the offering to tourists is confirmed as a winning element in the management of cultural heritage. In particular, Zètema is responsible for the implementation of the municipality’s strategy to strengthen and integrate tourist and cultural services.

Sede del progetto
Macro Museum, Rome.

Customer Request
Provision of storage compartments for personal belongings.

Ravasi’s Solution

In cooperation with Zètema, Ravasi designed and produced special cabinets with a particularly modern look in satin-finished aluminium to integrate the new cabinets with the high-tech furniture already present in the museum’s reception area.
Ravasi also won the tender for the refurbishment of the visitors’ lockers in the Capitoline Museums.

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